Waiver, Scholarship and Financial Aid

MIU provides sixteen different categories of aid in the form waiver, scholarship and financial aid under which students can apply. This is more than what any other university currently offers in Bangladesh. A summary of the types are described below:

MIU provides sixteen different categories of aids in the form waiver, scholarship and financial aid:

1. Tuition fee waiver based on SSC and HSC or Equivalent examination results (up to 100%)

2. Scholarships based on semester results (SGPA) at MIU (up to 100%)

3. 100% waiver for 3% of total students of each semester, who are from remote and underdeveloped areas and poor but meritorious.

4. 100% waiver for the families of freedom fighters

5. Special waiver for meritorious low-income students (up to 100%)

6. Additional special waivers (5%) for siblings

7. Additional special waivers (5%) for spouse

8. Additional special waivers (5%) for offspring

9. Special waived admission packages for CSE and EEE evening programs

10. Special waived admission packages for LLB and EEE day programs

11. 10% waiver based on SSC and HSC results on waived packages

12. 20% scholarship on semester results for those who are enjoying waived packages

13. 40% waiver for MIU graduates for MA in English and MBA programs

14. 30% waiver for master’s programs for students outside of MIU

15. 50% admission fee waiver for all students

16. Special waiver for promotional contribution

Details of policies for waiver, scholarship and financial aid

  1. 100% waiver will be given (as per Private University Act. 2010) to students who fall under the following categories:
    1. 3% of total students of each semester, who are from remote and underdeveloped areas and poor but meritorious.
    2. 3% of total students of each semester from the freedom fighters quota
  2. Waiver based on SSC+HSC or Equivalent examinations results:
    Up to 100% tuition fee waiver is available based on combined results of SSC and HSC (without 4th subject). This waiver will be continued for the first year without needing to fulfil any condition. For the continuation of this scholarship for the rest of their program, students need to maintain a certain CGPA/SGPA each semester. In case of failure to maintain required CGPA, students may enjoy next slab's waiver benefit up to the lowest slab. The following table elaborates the details of this waiver scheme:
  3. GPA in SSC+HSC or equivalent examinations (without 4th subject) Tuition Fee Waiver (%) Required CGPA/SGPA At MIU Examinations
    Gulshan Ashulia
    GPA Below 7.00 0% 5% 2.60
    GPA 7.00-7.49 5% 15% 2.80
    GPA 7.50-7.99 10% 20% 2.90
    GPA 8.00-8.49 15% 25% 3.00
    GPA 8.49-8.99 20% 30% 3.10
    GPA 9.00-9.49 30% 45% 3.30
    GPA 9.49-9.99 40% 50% 3.50
    GPA 10 100% 100% 3.70
  4. Scholarship Based on Semester Result SGPA at MIU Examinations:
    Scholarship (25% to 100%) is offered to the top 10% students of every program based on SGPA (Semester Grade Point Average) at MIU in per semester. For eligibility, student are required to have a minimum SGPA of 3.5 and must take at least 9 credits (for non-pharmacy students) or 15 credits (for Bachelor of Pharmacy students) per semester. If two or more students achieve same SGPA, then CGPA will be considered as a tie-breaker. Furthermore, if CGPA is also equal for those students, then SSC and HSC GPA will be taken into account as tie-breaker. These conditions are not applicable for package programs at Ahsulia campus. This waiver scheme is applicable from second semester onwards. Policies regarding percentage of waivers given are summarized in the table below:
  5. Scholarship
    (in the form of waiver on tuition fee)
    % of total Registered Students Eligible for Scholarship
    100% 1%
    50% 2%
    25% 7%
  6. Special Waiver only for new students (meritorious but from low income group):
    Maximum 10% of the total newly enrolled students of the respective semester are entitled to get a special waiver (Financial Aid) who are meritorious but from low-income group (parents/guardians’ income is less than certain threshold). This waiver is awarded through a process of scrutinization as per the policy of the authority of MIU.
  7. GPA in SSC+HSC or Equivalent Exam (without 4th Subject) Tuition fee Waiver Required CGPA/SGPA at MIU exam
    9.00 - 10.00 Up to 100% 3.30
    8.00 - 8.99 Up to 50% 3.00
    7.00 - 7.99 Up to 25% 2.70
  8. Additional 5% waiver for siblings, spouse (husband-wife) and offspring (parent-child) will be given for the entire study period for both undergraduate and graduate programs.

    Other conditions for entitlement of waiver and scholarship:
    • Waiver based on SSC and HSC/equivalent examination results, and Special Waiver shall remain valid for 4 years/entire program subject to maintaining required SGPA/CGPA at MIU examinations.
    • A student may avail only one type of waiver/scholarship at a time from the above categories 1, 2, 3, & 4 whichever is maximum for him/her.
    • Waiver/scholarship will not be applicable for retake / improvement courses.
    • Any student enjoying waiver/scholarship must abide by the rules and regulations of MIU, the failure of which may result in the cancellation of his/her scholarship.
    • In case of Special Waiver, the authority of MIU reserves the right to change the policy time to time for the greater interest of the University.
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